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Current Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1, December 2021 


‘Love and Fear’ as portraited by Affective Neuroscience

Pages 1-4


Mohammad Nami; Kosagi-Sharaf Rao; Seithikurippu R Pandi-Perumal; Babak Kateb

Original Article

Computational Aspects and Statistical Models in Sleeping Disorders; an Apriori Algorithm Approach

Pages 5-13


Mani Butwall; Kinshuk Gaurav Singh; Raj Pujara; Pranav Modi; Harshvardhan Sharma; Arsh Vishwakarma; Iman Salehi; Mohammad Javad Gholamzadeh; Ali-Mohammad Kamali; Milad Kazemiha; Prasun Chakrabarti; Mohammad Nami

Translation and cross-cultural adaptation of the traumatic injuries distress scale to persian

Pages 24-32


Shirin Modarresi; Golale Modarresi; Maryam Farzad; Erfan Shafiee; Mahshad Maleki; Joy C. MacDermid; David M. Walton

Original Articles

Artificial intelligence and stochastic processbased analysis of human psychiatric disorders

Pages 33-53


Yashvi Bhavsar; Khyati Mistry; Nishchay Parikh; Himani Shah; Adarsh Saraswat; Helia Givian; Mojataba Barzegar; Maryam Hosseini; Khojaste Rahimi Jaberi; Archana Magare; Mohammad Javad Gholamzadeh; Hadi Aligholi; Ali-Mohammad Kamali; Prasun Chakrabarti; Mohammad Nami

Original Article

Classification of schizophrenia from feature-model analysis of bilaterally correlated diagnosis, symptoms, and imaging findings pyramid

Pages 54-63


YTanvi Patel; Shreyansh Dalwadi; Nen Bakraniya; Apurva Desai; Nirmal Kachhiya; Het Parikh; Mohammad Javad Gholamzadeh; Ali- Mohammad Kamali; Milad Kazemiha; Prasun Chakrabarti; Mohammad Nami

Original Articles

Evaluation of nootropic activity of standardized Epipremnum aureum extract against scopolamine-induced amnesia in experimental animals

Pages 64-71


Sreemoy Kanti das; G. S Chakraborthy; Tulika Chakrabarti; Prasun Chakrabarti; Mohammad Javad Gholamzadeh; Mohammad Nami