Various Retinal Vascular Manifestations of Neurofibromatosis-1 in a Single Patient

Document Type : Case Study


Poostchi Eye Research Center, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran.



Objectives: To report an Iranian woman with a variety of retinal vascular manifestations secondary to Neurofibromatosis -1.Case Report: A 49 years old woman known case of Neurofibromatosis-1 (NF-1) presented with decreased vision in her right eye. We found peculiar retinal and choroidal findings. Mild vascular tortuosity and few hard exudates were the prominent finding in right eye fundus examination; however, left eye showed inferior hemi retinal artery macro aneurysm. Fluorescein angiography, revealed multiple bright choroidal nodules in both eyes. Left eye findings were in favor of branch retinal artery occlusion and branch retinal vein occlusion. Discussion: As vascular and microvascular manifestations of NF-1 are being reported recently, further investigational studies for retinal vascular associations in NF-1 patients appears reasonable. Complete ophthalmic examinations in each NF-1 patient seems essential to prevent potential threatening complications of vascular events in these patients.


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